Adventure Boarding

For dogs nine months and up.

With Adventure Boarding, dogs get lots of adventuring every day AND get to stay in a trainer’s home! Adventure Boarding dogs become a part of our family, and come back home happy and tired after their stay with us.

Service includes…

  • Full-time care with a licensed, bonded, and insured rewards-based dog trainer in a trainer's home
  • One Adventure per day or Day Camp attendance (trainer-specific)
  • Garmin satellite GPS tracking for Adventures
  • Off-leash recall practice (coming when called)
  • Reinforcement of desirable behavior (sit, down, come, drop it, leave it, etc)
  • Management of undesirable behavior (jumping up, resource guarding, leash reactivity, mouthiness, bullying, mounting, etc)
  • Meals and medications
  • A towel-dried, clean-pawed, and happy pup
  • Daily photos of your dog's adventures
  • Ridiculous amounts of fun (and cuddles!)

Boarding dogs must be...

  • screened and approved by Dog Adventures Northwest through a free 30-Minute Evaluation
  • nine months of age or older (puppies eight months of age and younger must book Adventure Board and Train)
  • up-to-date on vaccines and parasite-protected
  • non-excessive barkers
  • content to be confined by crate, tether, exercise pen, or gate with limited barrier frustration or separation anxiety
  • content to share toys and low-value treats with other dogs (high-value treats will be given separately)
  • unable to jump a four-foot chain-link fence
  • dog-social and people-social (your pup doesn’t need to be the life of the party, but we do need to know that your dog, the other dogs in our care, and the people in our homes will feel safe at all times; we unfortunately cannot offer Adventure Boarding for reactive pups)
  • wearing a harness and identification tag (required) and microchipped (highly recommended)
  • dropped off by the pup parent at the beginning of the pup’s stay
  • picked up by the pup parent at the end of the pup’s stay

Rate: $125 per full day of activity

Charges for the first day of a Boarding reservation are as follows:
Drop-offs before 4pm: $125
Drop-offs after 4pm: $65

Charges for the last day of a Boarding reservation are as follows:
Pick-ups before 11am: $65
Pick-ups after 11am: $125

Discounts: Send two dogs to Adventure Camp and the second pup is 50% off. For reservations of ten days or more, get 10% off the full reservation price.

Deposit: A 25% deposit is required to reserve Adventure Boarding dates. This deposit will be fully refunded if service is cancelled six or more weeks before the first date of service, or if the cancellation occurs within three days of the initial request. It is otherwise non-refundable.

CLICK HERE to book Adventure Boarding!

I travel a lot with work and I wanted my puppy to be in safe hands as he is very young. I've been booking the Board and Learn service for the last 6 months and now I have transitioned over to Boarding! The services are impeccable! Kerry and her team at Dog Adventures Northwest are fantastic. I have been nothing but impressed by how much they have gone out their way to accommodate my puppy, Milo. Do not hesitate to book any of the services available. I couldn't recommend the team enough! There is consistent communication, putting your mind at ease while you're away traveling!

Ruth and Milo

We found Jess through Dog Adventures NW and booked a board and train with her while we went away for my 50th birthday. It was everything we could have asked her and more. Jess is a super nerd when it comes to dog training and is highly skilled at managing and training all types of dogs. We felt completely comfortable that Obi would not be put into situations that were overly stressful.

Jess truly treats every dog in her care like her own. Each day we were away, we got multiple photos and videos of Obi’s adventures and training via a shared Google Drive so we knew exactly what he was up to. If there was any doubt that he had the time of his life, when we came to pick him up, he was happy to see us, but when playtime was over, he headed to the back door of Jess’s house, ready for dinner!

Obi can’t wait to go see Jess again and you can feel comfortable that your fur baby is in excellent hands with her.

Kronda and Obi

OK, I can't say enough about this amazing group of specialists/trainers/dog whisperers. I trust my dog with them weekly and when we go away. She has had nothing but super positive experiences. They have turned on a dime to accommodate us, and my dog comes back to me happy and tired. She's well adjusted but when we tried to use a doggy day care, she came back stressed out. This experience has been night and day.

Sara and Shasta

Jess Lara is an amazing trainer and person. We left our young, energetic, and sensitive male Vizsla with her for about a week for our first vacation in over a year. She took impeccable care of him and provided him with lots of enrichment, hikes, love, and rest. She sent us lots of photos and videos so we could see what awesome things he was doing with her. Jess was excellent at making us feel comfortable that he would have good interactions with the other dogs, as he can be a bit dog-selective in who he likes to interact with. She has a great yard and house set up with lots of dog management tools in place, as needed. She also worked on some positive reinforcement training that we requested such as recall and calmness around other dogs. We will definitely board and train with Jess again!

Jessica and Obi