Adventure Boarding

Way more fun than a cage at the vet's office.

Your dog thinks they’re on their own private vacation with a treat-dealing, belly-rubbing, wilderness-romping specialist.

Set up a no-obligation Adventure Boarding evaluation!

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Hazel and Murphy e1666298127862

"Adventure Boarding with DANW is the best. I can travel without worrying that they're cooped up somewhere, feeling sad — at Dog Adventures Northwest, they have tons of fun and get lots of love and cuddles."

Vanessa, Hazel, and Murphy

Tickets booked. Bags packed. Hotel reserved. 

But what about the dog?

Traditional kennels — unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar dogs and humans — are likely a miserable option for your pup. And letting some rando you found on a gig-sourcing site care for your dog kiddo? Noooooo.

If your dog is stressed when you leave, you are going to be stressed the entire time you are away… the opposite of how you want to feel when you are on vacation or a business trip.

With Dog Adventures Northwest’s Adventure Boarding service, you don’t have to worry about your dog while you travel. Full stop.

Adventure Boarding is the vacation your dog would have planned.

Your dog is one of the family.

No stacked crates, cold cement floors, empty houses, or endless nights spent howling alone. With Dog Adventures Northwest’s Adventure Boarding service, your pup gets to stay in a home as a part of a dog trainer’s family. They will spend their time snuggled on the sofa, out on an Adventure, or learning how to not beg for snacks in the kitchen. 

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We mean it! Here's Kerry's family, cuddling in their PJs with a boarding pup.

Every day is an Adventure day.

Lying on the beach might be your idea of fun, but we know a good day for your dog means doing more! Your dogs get breed-specific and age-appropriate exercise and enrichment, food puzzles, scent work, agility, recall, behavior management, and more while in our care. Think of it as an overnight summer camp for your furriest child. 

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Penny and JoJo, living it up at our private Basecamp property

We have backups for our backups.

What’s worse than getting a sunburn on your first day of vacation? Getting a call that your dog needs a new place to stay due to an unforeseen circumstance with the petsitter you found on CraigsList.  We run a 25 + deep team of dog trainers, so there is never a worry about your dog being in the happy home of a dog lover who has been background checked, licensed, bonded, and insured with Dog Adventures Northwest. Changes in plan are highly unlikely, but we are there for the "life happens" moments. 

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Cooper the Berner, getting some serious snugs from Trainer Kerry

Rosie 2

"Our dog absolutely loves the time she spends at her trainer's house and we appreciate boarding her in a warm and caring home ,versus a boarding facility. Along with her daily outdoor adventures, Mavis enjoys spending her day playing with her buddies and lounging on the sofa with human friends."

Ashlee, Kate, and Mavis

Give your dog a safe, loving, and FUN experience while you are away.

  • full-time care with a licensed, bonded, and insured rewards-based dog trainer in a trainer's home 
  • one Adventure per day or Day Camp attendance (trainer-specific)
  • Garmin satellite GPS trackers on every dog, every adventure
  • consistent reinforcement of desirable behaviors
  • consistent force-free, fear-free management of undesirable behaviors
  • daily communication with write-up and photos
  • easy in-app communication, billing, and scheduling
  • private land for adventures EXCLUSIVE to DANW dogs and trainers
  • ridiculous amounts of fun (and cuddles!)

Drop-off before 4pm: 



Drop-off after 4pm: 




Pick-up before 11am: 



Pick-up after 11am: 



Actually take the time to enjoy your vacation, and not worry about the dog.


Take the Quiz

Off-leash adventures may or may not be a good fit for your (very good, no matter what) pup. Take our ten-question Adventure Quiz to see if your dog's temperament, skills, and sensitivities are compatible with our outings! (If not, there may still be an option to take your pup on leashed-adventures! Just let us know.)


Schedule a Boarding Evaluation 

Schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation in a trainer's home to help determine if your dog would find our Adventure Boarding service fun, stress-free, and safe. If they give the thumbs-up and you also want to move forward, we'll get you set up in our system!


Equipment Check

Your pup will need a few things before we head out for a trial overnight!

  • up-to-date core vaccine certification (required)
  • flea and tick medication (required)
  • microchip (highly recommended)
  • pet insurance (highly recommended)
  • Harness and ID tags (required)
  • (We provide the Garmin Satellite GPS tracking system!)


Trial Overnight

Your trainer will host your dog for an overnight well before your trip to make sure that your dog is comfortable in a boarding environment. Pup parents responsible for drop-off and pick-up.


Welcome to the family!

Your trainer will get your trip on the schedule! Pup parents responsible for drop-off and pick-up.

Additional Services

Sometimes, your pup needs more than an adventure!