Private Training

Private Dog Training Based on Behavioral Science

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No fear. No pain. No confusion. Just results. We create loving relationships between dogs and their humans that last a lifetime.

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In-Person or Virtual both available!

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"Kerry and her whole team have been amazing supporters, advocates, and friends. They are flexible and approach problems with patience and experience. They truly find happiness with dogs, and have helped me understand how to approach challenges."

Suzanne and Waldo

Dogs and their humans, training together.

Providing modern, behavioral science-backed training methods since 2011

Dog Training Based on the Science of Learning

The only things we are strict about at Dog Adventures Northwest are safety and science. We use rewards to increase desirable behavior and management to decrease undesirable behavior. We don’t use fear or force with the dogs in our care. Using rewards-based dog training allows us to achieve long-lasting results we can all feel good about.

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Fun and Fine-Tuned Learning 

Private training allows us to target the behaviors you care about most. Good manners are always helpful, but we can also help you level-up on agility, nose work, and trick training, as well as problem behaviors. Working one-on-one with a trainer will give you the relationship you truly want with your dog.

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“Good Dog” Training Isn’t Just for Dogs

We don’t “fix” dogs, because dogs aren’t broken. Instead, we help humans and their dogs communicate and modify behavior so that everyone can be successful. Dogs, welcome to People-Town. People, welcome to Dog-Town. (You are going to learn just as much as your dog!)

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"I am so grateful to Dog Adventures Northwest. I went from wondering how I would survive my boy’s puppyhood to a thriving relationship centered around joy."

Anita and Jonsey

Get the relationship you always wanted… instead of just coping with what you have.

Your dog hasn’t let you down. The training method has. It was either too much or too little or too… SOMETHING.  At Dog Adventures Northwest, we fine-tune training for you and your dog… so it's not “too” anything. 

You really can:

  • Take a leisurely walk without pretending you are on a dog sled.
  • Have brunch without having to hand over your bacon.
  • Leave the house for longer than two hours without worrying about the sofa.

We help you find the key to success for you and your dog.

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This is Valentino.. Yes, he  trains with us and yes, he really is this fabulous.

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"When I first got my puppy, we tried 3 different trainers at different companies, other classes, etc. They just didn't compare. The quality of the trainers is just exceptional. It's well worth it, and your dog will be a happier/better dog for it. Big thanks to DANW."

Lucia and Lola

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