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Kerry Ryan, CPDT-KA, FDM

Dog Adventures Northwest was founded in 2011 by trainer Kerry Ryan, and has since grown into an amazing group of talented trainers and petsitters. When you become a part of our family, your pup will have one or two primary trainers, and then a whole extended family of trainers as back-ups. Click on the photos featured here to learn more about each of us!

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Amanda Bazille scaled

Amanda Bazille

Autumn Elmore

Autumn Elijah

Bailey Sumner

Bailey Sumner, CPDT-KA

Bobby MacDonald scaled

Bobby MacDonald

Caleb Gardner

Caleb Gardner, CPDT-KA

Camille Cowles 1

Camille Cowles

Caroline Shriver

Caroline Shriver

CJ Jones 2


Cyrus Heiduska

Cyrus Heiduska, CPDT-KA

IMG 6926

Fernando Cabrejos

Gie Carr

Gie Carr, CPDT-KA, FDM

Grant Engler 1

Grant Engler

Hannah Davidson

Hannah Davidson, CPDT-KA

Jac Lara

Jac Lara, CPDT-KA

Jackson Poling

Jackson Poling, CPDT-KA

Jess Lara, CPDT-KA

Jess Lara, CBCC-KA

John Hawkins Gordon

John Hawkins Gordon

Julia Reed

Julia Reed

Lydia Manning2

Lydia Manning

Kellyn Croy

Kellyn Croy, CDPT-KA, FDM, CDT

Kim Freimoeller 1 scaled

Kim Freimoeller

me and eens clatsop

Kira Moyer

IMG 4381 2

Mindy Cook, CPDT-KA, FDM

PXL 20210612 202723082.PORTRAIT 3 scaled

Peter English, CDPT-KA

Pierre Carr

Pierre Carr

Ricky Correa Sorrich

Ricky Correa-Sorich, CDPT-KA

Shawna Burk

Shawna Burk, ABC-CDT

Simone Riley

Simone Riley, CPDT-KA, FFCP

IMG 7274

Tyler Quigley, KPA-CTP

U.b. Kelly

U.b. Kelly

Verena Sutherland

Verena Sutherland, KPA-CTP, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, FDM