Finally, an off-leash adventure designed for dogs AND their humans.

Get your dog the stimulation, exercise, socialization,  and enrichment they need on the trail... so that they can be at their best off the trail.

See if adventures are a good fit for your pup!

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All of our adventure pups are on Garmin satellite GPS trackers, never (ever!) shock collars. DANW is a committed force-free, fear-free organization.

Give your dog the tail-wagging adventure they need.

More Than a Long Walk in A Big Park

Our Adventure Leaders are all Certified Professional Dog Trainers (or well on their way toward completing their field hours).

That means that your dog’s skills will be reinforced and their undesirable behavior will be managed (and not punished!) by a dog trainer who is skilled in positive reinforcement, animal body language, and animal psychology

Our Adventures allow dogs to dash through meadows, zig-zag around trees and boulders, leap in rivers, and practice off-leash recall. Includes pick-up, drop-off, and two hours of amazing cardio for your pup.

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Not All Adventures are Created Equal

Dog Adventures Northwest is the only Off-Leash Adventure service provider in Portland that gives you the peace of mind of licensed, bonded, and insured trainers on the trail, satellite GPS tracking for all dogs, exclusive access to 70 acres of fenced, private property, and the convenience of pick-up and drop-off services

We select our groups and their enrichment activities based on breed, size, age, and temperament… and not if we can squeeze just one more dog into our vehicle. (Only four client pups per group!)

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We Love Dogs AND Their Humans

Our service includes convenient home pick-up and drop-off (we even towel dry coats and clean paws), satellite GPS collars for every dog on every Adventure, and an easy-to-use app to get updates, see photos, schedule services, and more.  Because in the end, it's about your life with your dog… not just your dog.

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Exclusive Access to Our Base Camp Adventure Property

Dog Adventures Northwest has 70 acres of private woodlands, meadows, rivers, and ponds minutes from Downtown Portland. That means clean trails and no surprise humans, dogs, horses, mountain bikes, fireworks, or anything else that can interrupt a perfectly wonderful adventure. The entire property is additionally fenced with high tensile, non-barbed, non-electrified wire fencing. We can’t promise a perfect day out… but it'll pretty darn close.

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See if adventures are a good fit for your pup!

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"My dog lives an enchanted life with Dog Adventures Northwest while we are at work."

Lucia and Lola

When your dog’s needs are met, your needs are met.

  • 4 client dogs max in every adventure group
  • breed and temperament-specific needs factored into every grouping
  • Garmin satellite GPS trackers on every dog, every adventure
    (please note that we do not use, nor condone, the use of shock collars;
    our collars are GPS tracking only)

  • 2 hours of “Paws on the Ground” adventuring
  • pick-up and drop-off service, even while you are at work
  • safe transportation to your pup’s adventure location
  • force-free, fear-free dog trainers leading every trip
  • recall reinforcement with high-value treats (coming when called)
  • results: desirable behaviors get stronger, undesirable behaviors ebb away
  • feedback and training observations from the trail
  • same dog group, same trainer, same day of the week
  • easy in-app communication, billing, and scheduling
  • deep bench of trainers (who can sub when your regular trainer is away!)
  • private land for adventures EXCLUSIVE to DANW dogs and trainers

one-off adventures






for multiple dogs in one household





There is a one-time $50 fee for Garmin satellite GPS collar Maintenance. Note that Dog Adventures Northwest is a force-free, fear-free organization. Our collars do not have any kind of “shock” or “stim” capacity; they are for satellite tracking ONLY.

When your dog is living their best life, so can you!

See if adventures are a good fit for your pup! 

Samson McGuire

I know my dog is in good hands when he is out on his adventures. The staff is professional, attentive, and knowledgeable about my dog's needs and training routines. Samson comes home with the biggest smile on his face and you can tell he has had the best day.

Kelly and Samson

Come home to a fulfilled, enriched, better behaved, and outright happier dog.


Take the Quiz

Off-leash adventures may or may not be a good fit for your (very good, no matter what) pup. Take our ten-question Adventure Quiz to see if your dog's temperament, skills, and sensitivities are compatible with our outings!


Schedule an Adventure Evaluation

Did our Adventure Quiz indicate that your dog may be a good fit for our Off-Leash Adventure service? Schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation at your home! One of our trainers will meet you and your pup to help determine if your dog would find our Adventure service fun, stress-free, and safe. If they give the thumbs-up and you also want to move forward, we'll get you set up in our system!


Equipment Check

Your pup will need a few things before we head out for a trial adventure!

  • up-to-date core vaccine certification (required)
  • flea and tick medication (required)
  • microchip (highly recommended)
  • pet insurance (highly recommended)
  • Harness and ID tags (required)
  • (We provide the Garmin Satellite GPS tracking system!)


Trial Adventure

Your trainer will hit the trail on an a la carte Adventure to test their recall, see how they fit in with the group, and make sure your pup finds our Adventures super fun and enriching.


Welcome to the family!

Your trainer will get your pup on a regular and recurring Adventure schedule! Hooray!

Obi3 2

We tried other non-trainer-led solutions for our high-energy Vizsla. It created more issues than it solved… too many dogs and not enough management. 

With Dog Adventures Northwest, Obi’s recall has significantly improved and he is just a happier boy!His trainer gives reports on how the day went, works with us to resolve any issues, is super communicative and flexible, and works hard to make sure all the dogs have a great time. 

Do your pup a favor and sign up for an adventure!

Kronda, Jess, and Obi

Additional Services

Sometimes, your pup needs more than an adventure!