Day Camp

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Better days ahead with Day Camp!

Training, play, and socialization in small groups for safe, effective, and enriching care 

through July; after that, we are premiering our Puppy Play & Learn program! 

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"We contacted Dog Adventures Northwest when we were looking for some help with our highly impressionable and overly exuberant three month old German Shorthaired Pointer, Rupert. We were looking for services to help us give Rupert a solid foundation of good behaviors including house manners. Day Camp was the best decision we could have made. We’ve been absolutely amazed by the progress we’ve seen. Rupert’s house manners, impulse control, leash manners, and so much more are all further developed than we could have imagined."

Mary and Rupert

Portland's Top Trainer as Camp Counselor

Your pup's camp counselor is Dog Adventures Northwest's owner and head trainer, Kerry Ryan, Certified Professional Dog Trainer who has been voted Spot Magazine's Best Portland Trainer on multiple occasions. With 20 years of professional training under her belt, Kerry offers science-based, positive-reinforcement training, and is highly skilled in dog body language, puppy socialization, canine developmental stages, and rewards-based learning. Kerry hosts Day Camp at her Woodstock neighborhood home, so your pup has the advantage of being in a home environment, and not a crowded, loud, and unsupervised facility. 

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Young puppy socialization? Don't mind if I do!

Small, Safe, and Hand-Selected Playgroups

We design all groups to be fun, enriching, and educational for every pup, taking into account a dog's age, size, breed, and play style. Common groups include puppies under 16 weeks, high-drive adolescents, shy dogs, and small breeds. Groups are kept small (usually around three to five dogs) to provide learning opportunities without the stress of large, unstructured groups. All Day Camp dogs must be in good health and on an age-appropriate vaccination schedule.

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Opie and Gwennie, BFFs 4eva

Social Learning at Its Best

With a professional trainer as a guide, Day Camp dogs learn essential skills from their fellow campers, including appropriate play skills, bite inhibition, taking turns, taking breaks, reading body language, constructive communication, how to express boundaries, and the social rewards of working as a team. Through rewards-based skills training and positive socialization, pups also learn essential lessons from their human trainer about how to be a well-adjusted pup in a human-centered universe.

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Puppies on a special Day Camp field trip to a Woodstock food cart pod

Enrichment for Everypup!

In exchange for asking dogs to live in a human world, it's vital to give them the things that they need to thrive as an entirely different species! Day Camp includes physical enrichment through play and cardiovascular exercise, social enrichment through carefully curated playgroups, sensory enrichment through a myriad of new and interesting experiences, and mental enrichment through training, food puzzles, and chews.

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...because, really, who doesn't like to gnaw their lunch of frozen meat paste?!

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"I did not know such an incredible company existed. I will be using them over and over again, and recommending them to all of my dog-loving friends and family! Lenny comes home happy, healthy, and more comfortable around other dogs and people, with such nice manners, and some new tricks. THANK YOU!!!!!!"

Maddie and Lenny

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$ 100 / half-day

Drop-off between 7am and 9am; pick-up 4 hours after drop-off.

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