Private Training

For dogs of all ages.

Our training services start with a 90-Minute Intake Consultation, during which your trainer will take a deep-dive into your pup's history and current environment, your training goals, and your pup's temperament. We will then create a customized plan to set both you and your dog up for success.

Plan options can include a combination of…

  • sessions where you work alongside your trainer and your dog
  • sessions where your trainer works independently with your dog
  • sessions at your home or on your property
  • sessions at alternate locations such as stores, parks, playgrounds, building sites, etc

Dog Adventures Northwest is strictly force-free, using ethical and scientifically sound methods to positively reinforce desirable behavior and manage undesirable behavior. Our trainers are Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDTs), and are licensed, bonded, and insured through Dog Adventures Northwest.

Common topics addressed include…

  • Puppy/Adolescent Training and Socialization
    crate training, potty training, socialization, body handling, body-awareness, engagement, confidence-building, impulse control, and others
  • Basic Skills
    sit, down, come, stay, drop-it, leave-it, loose-leash walking, and others
  • Problem Behaviors
    jumping, mouthing, inappropriate greeting, leash reactivity, poor social skills, separation anxiety, barking, resource guarding, aggression, destructive chewing, desensitization of scary or exciting stimuli, and others
  • Trick Training
  • Nosework

Rate: All new clients start with a 90-Minute session for $185, after which they receive a written training plan. Training Sessions as a part of the plan can be purchased a la carte at $125 per 60-Minute session, or as a package for 10% off.

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This is a very late review, but nothing but 5 stars for Dog Adventures Northwest. Trainers are caring, nurturing, and friendly. Their priority is both fun and safety for the dogs. I couldn't recommend them enough if your dog needs extra exercise and stimulation!

Karla and Tulip

We've used this company (Jess, in particular) for several months and are very satisfied - actually more than satisfied. I knew it would be great for the pup, but it's been great for us too! They've taken our energetic Husky puppy on adventures, given him mental stimulation and training sessions plus lots of snuggles and love. They are easy to work with, have fair policies, and there's an awesome app that makes scheduling, payment, and sharing photos super easy. We had Baz stay with Jess as part of the Board and Train program and we didn't for one second worry about him (or what bad habits he could be learning from a cheap dog sitter). We are excited that Baz can grow up attending city, country and boarding adventures with Jess as his nanny!

Susan and Baz

Kerry and her whole team have been amazing supporters, advocates, and friends in helping with two of our dogs. They are flexible and approach problems with patience and experience that I truly appreciate. Coralyn has been one of our favorite trainers, as she truly finds happiness with the animals and has helped me understand how to approach challenges. I am grateful to have this team help me with my doggie journeys.

Suzanne and Waldo

Dog Adventures Northwest is the BEST. Don't waste your time searching, googling, and testing out other dog care/adventure places. Kerry and the trainers there are serious about lovin and adventuring your dog! When I first got my puppy, we tried 3 different trainers at different companies, other classes, etc. They just didn't compare. The quality of the adventures and the trainers (Jess and Sam) are just exceptional. Kerry is super on it if there needs to be a substitute, scheduling, or invoicing change. My dog lives an enchanted life with Dog Adventures Northwest while we are at work. It's well worth it, and your dog will be a happier/better dog for it. Big thanks to DANW.

Lucia and Lola