Training Boosts

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With your busy schedule, it may be hard to find the time to...

  • help your puppy become more socialized to the world
  •  teach your puppy new behaviors and get various behaviors on cue
  • give your adolescent dog the tools they need to stop acting insane for like five minutes
  • teach your adult dog some new and helpful behaviors

You just don't have three solid hours to train the dog.

But we do.

Your Dog Adventures Northwest trainer can jumpstart and reinforce such things as...

  • positive socialization to sights, sounds, and situations 
  • common skills like sit, down, stay, drop-it, and leave-it
  • coming when called and loose-leash walking

  • polite door greetings and other human etiquette
  • trick training, scent work, and agility
  • crate training and potty training
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Give your dog's training the boost it needs.

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3 Hours of Goal-Focused Training

We use a variety of games, enrichment activities, positive reinforcement methods, brain breaks, and other tools to get long-lasting results. Your pup will come home from each session tired, happy, and absolutely in love with training.

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We teach you how to play, too!

You may not know it, but training your dog can look and feel a lot like playing with your dog. After each session, we will provide you with simple games you can play to reinforce desired behavior between training sessions.

Bodhi Seals

15-Minute Bonus

Come to pick-up 15 min early to for a mini-coaching/training session. We work best as a team, helping your dog and your family reach their training goals faster.


one-off intensives




/3-hour session


for multiple dogs in one household





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To be a good fit for our Training Boost program, your pup must be...

  • a current student in our Private Training program
  • in good physical health
  • up-to-date on vaccines and parasite prevention

Dogs with significant behavioral issues and/or clinical separation anxiety are not a good fit for this service. Please let us know if you'd like a referral to a veterinary behaviorist!

Your bestie deserves the best.