DANW Property FAQ

Property FAQ for Dog Adventures Northwest Contractors

Where is it?
Our private, fenced, 70 acre lease is part of a larger parcel on Sauvie Island. The landowner lives in a residence on the property, so we are not sharing the exact address with clients. It's close to the bridge, however, which makes it incredibly convenient. Please get the address from Dog Adventures Northwest by emailing woof@dogadventuresnw.com.

The land is level, with wide, grassy trails through blackberry bushes. Some of the land is treed, but the majority is meadow. There are two seasonal ponds, so expect lots of splashy games of fetch. There is also river access to the Columbia at the far edge of the property. 

Where should we park?
Right now, you will park in front of the shed (the property's first driveway — look for the orange construction cones). Please do not block access to the shed, and please park on the right as you pull into the driveway. Do not park on the left of the driveway, closest to the residence. The property owner hopes to put in a parking area closer to the gate in the future. This will be where the garden is now, and will be accessed by the private lane.

Is the land shared?
Our 70 acres is entirely exclusive to Dog Adventures Northwest for most of the year. The other 50 acres of the parcel is pastureland, which is sometimes occupied by a herd of cattle. We do not have use of the front pasture as a part of our lease.

Additionally, the property owner and his friends will hunt on the property a handful of times per year, and exclusively at dawn or dusk. We will have ample notification of where there is to be hunting, and will of course not be around on those days/times. 

In terms of Dog Adventures Northwest usage, we are allowed to have five contractors on the land at the same time, with staggered arrival and departure times to minimize crowding. Scheduling time slots is done through the SHIFTR app. (Link to SHIFTR directions forthcoming.) Please do your best to arrive/depart at your scheduled times.

If you haven't been given a tour of the property, you must coordinate a time with another trainer to shadow their adventure. (No client pups for you on the tour!)

You said it's fenced?
It is! There is a cross-fence to separate dogs from cows (as well as fairly impenetrable blackberry bushes). There is also an outer fence around the full perimeter of the entire 120 acre property. The fence is made of wood posts with horizontal, non-barbed wire. Two of these wires are electrified for the cattle, with the help of a Parmak Mark 8 system. The electricity pulses at a low voltage, so there is absolutely no danger to the dogs in our care, even the tiny ones, even if they are standing in water and pushed up against the fence. Note that Parmak voluntarily conforms to the standards of Underwriter Laboratory, a US safety standard. All of its equipment is fabricated on-site, with thorough reviews every quarter.

Dogs must be on-leash from the car to the property gate! Please also be sure to close and latch all gates behind you.

Please note that as a part of our lease, we must stay at least 25' away from the fence line that borders the private lane and away from the private residence. See maps for more info.

Aside from staying at least 25' from the private lane, are there any other areas to avoid?
The neighbors on the east side of the property (white house, just south of the lumberyard) have a big black Lab named Moose. He is not dangerous, but he WILL charge the fence if he is outside and you walk past. It's easier to just avoid that area. Note that Moose really only patrols the part of the fence that is on the mowed part of the property, not the area with long grass on the south side.

Do dogs need to wear satellite GPS collars on the property?
Yes! Safety first! We want to be absolutely sure that we know where all of the dogs are at any given moment. Also, while the chance of a dog getting through the fence is small (it would take some tolerance to uncomfortable electrical shocks, and also resistance to blackberry bushes), it is possible that a dog could get through the fence, as it is not chain-link.

Can I visit the property with my own dog if there is an available slot?
Yes! Though please don't schedule slots more than a week out, so that contractors bringing client dogs have scheduling priority.

Can I bring a friend to the property?
No. The only people allowed on the property are those insured under our robust $2M insurance policy, and the only dogs allowed on the land are Dog Adventures Northwest client pups and the trainers' own pups. There is absolutely no exception to this rule.

Do I have to to visit the property for Dog Adventures Northwest hikes?
Nope! Dog Adventures Northwest's trainers are all independent contractors, which would usually mean the presence of a fee for use. Dog Adventures Northwest, however, is entirely footing the bill.

Is there potable water at the property?
There is a hose and dog bowls at the tether points near the parking area. The water is safe for dogs to drink, but non-potable for humans. If your dogs use the drinking bowls, please rinse and turn upside-down after use.

Is there trash service or bathroom facilities at the property?
No. Please pack in and pack out all waste. Since trainers won't always catch when their dogs poop, everyone is highly encouraged to pick up any poop they see, whether or not it is from one of their dogs. 

What about blue-green algae?
The seasonal ponds on the property will actually dry up in the hottest months (when the chance of blue-green algae blooms is greater), and the land borders the deep and fast-moving water of the Columbia (i.e. not a place where there is likely to be an issue). Nevertheless, we will test all water on the property for cyanobacteria regularly. 

What about ticks?
The property has a lot of grassy meadows, and there are definitely ticks. Trainers must check all dogs for ticks before drop-off, and are also encouraged to carry a tick removal kit

Is there a place to hose down dogs?
Not yet, but soon! There will be a hose at the spigot by the barnyard trough. We may be able to plumb hot water once the property owner renovates his (dilapidated) shed.

Is all of this legal?
Yes! One of the main reasons it has taken us so very long to find a property is that we are committed to operating entirely above-board, following all planning and zoning laws. Our operation on our new property is 100% lawful. And, as always, Dog Adventures Northwest remains licensed, bonded, and insured.

I have ideas for property improvement!
Hooray! Make notes about potential new trails, gate locations, river access points, and other improvements as you get used to the property. Share thoughts with the team at any time by emailing crew@dogadventuresnw.com. We anticipate that we will take some time to find our feet, and will be ready to pitch projects in another month or two. Please do not cut new trails without securing permission.