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  • This text is for your Dog Adventures Northwest clients onlyYou are free to take what you like, if it's helpful. (There is absolutely zero obligation to use any of it.)
  • Clicking on a link will automatically open a copy of the document (so no worries about accidentally altering the primary document). 
  • There is one document with she/her/hers pronouns and one document he/him/his pronouns. Aside from the pronouns, they are the same. 
  • These are both living documents. They will continue to be refined and added to over time. We will let you know if there are any appreciable changes. (And please chime in if you spot anything awry!)
  • When sharing this text with clients, please credit both Kerry Ryan and Dog Adventures Northwest.
  • You are more than welcome to add anything you like, or put in separate notes for clients, if you teach something differently. If you do so, just be sure to make it clear that added text is from you.
  • To change the dog's name in the entire document, use the find and replace tool.
  • To change the featured photo, double click on the photo to open the Drawing window. Click on the image and then select "Replace image" from above.
  • To add a Table of Contents, position the cursor below the TOC heading and choose "Table of Contents" from the Insert menu at the top. Click on the three dots at the top left of the TOC and then "More options" to open the right-hand side-bar. Click "Heading Levels" and then deselect "Heading 3" and "Heading 4."


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