Adventure Expectations

Adventure Description

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Adventure Expectations

Contractors agree to do the following when delivering the Dog Adventures Northwest Adventure service:

  • Follow all General Contractor Expectations.
  • Engage in two hours of active adventuring.
  • Ensure all dogs are wearing identification and a satellite GPS tracker at all times. Failure to put a GPS collar on a dog is grounds for immediate termination.
  • Bring the following supplies on all Adventures: high-value treats, bags for waste disposal, a leash for every dog, collar identification for every dog, a charged cell phone, citronella spray such as SprayShield, a small first aid kit, and fresh water when water is not readily available or is unsafe for the dogs to drink. Optional items include a chuck-it or other fetch tools/toys.
  • Keep all client dogs moving. Taking breaks is acceptable for the health of the dog, but breaks must be well-managed to limit undesirable behavior that arises out of boredom or idleness.
  • Actively practice recall using positive reinforcement training.
  • Reinforce desirable dog behavior (sit, down, come, drop-it, leave-it, stay, etc.) using positive reinforcement and negative punishment operant conditioning.
  • Manage undesirable behavior (jumping up, resource guarding, leash reactivity, mouthiness, bullying, mounting, etc).
  • Absolutely refrain from positive punishment and negative reinforcement operant conditioning, either through training or management tools.

Best Practices

Shared by Cyrus Heiduska: On hot days my rule of thumb is one liter of water per "person" on adventures. So four dogs plus me equals five liters of water, minimum. I use backpack hydration reservoirs, and I put a lever valve to replace the typical bite valve, in order to easily fill a water dish. My preferred brands are Osprey and Gregory, and I just swap the quick connect on the drinking hose between two of those.