Time to Pet

Dog Adventures Northwest uses an online management system called Time to Pet for scheduling, invoicing, and client communication. Dog Adventures Northwest contractors agree to engage with Time to Pet in the following ways:

  • Download the Time to Pet app, available in the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store for iPhones and Androids.
  • Log in with the link provided by Dog Adventures Northwest.
  • Enable "Location Services" when prompted.
    Note: Contractors' GPS data is used to pin each pick-up and drop-off; these map pins are viewable by both Dog Adventures Northwest and the client when the Contractor completes the service. At present, GPS Route Tracking is not enabled, and so a Contractor's exact location is not viewable by Dog Adventures Northwest, nor by the client. The option for enabling GPS Route Tracking is reserved by Dog Adventures Northwest, however, if there is reason to doubt a contractor is delivering the services promised by Dog Adventures Northwest. In this event, the Contractor in question would be notified, and enabling this feature would be done with the written permission of the Contractor. Refusal to comply may result in termination of contract.
  • Use the app to "Start Service" when the service begins and "Stop Service" at the conclusion of each service.
  • Fill out a Report Card for each scheduled client at the conclusion of each service, including a brief write-up, photos, and answers to prompted questions ("Did the animal go swimming? Did the animal eat treats?” Etc.).
  • Communicate with clients through the Time to Pet "Conversation" feed for any meaningful communication, including Private Session write-ups, major scheduling changes, conversations about the health and wellbeing of client animals, descriptions of incidents, etc. Text messages and/or phone calls alerting clients of emergencies, minor schedule changes, brief anecdotes, animal birthday wishes, etc. are allowable. Note that a new client’s profile will not appear on Time to Pet until after their 30-Minute Evaluation or Meet-and-Greet, so communication before that point will need to be done using the preferred form of communication they listed on their inquiry form (sent to Contractors via email).
  • Submit all planned absences when services would be otherwise scheduled in the "Time Off" section under the "My Schedule" tab.
  • Add “support@timetopet.com” to your email’s list of approved senders.

Contractors have control of Time to Pet email notifications through the Time to Pet website (under "Notifications" in the Contractors' user profile), which enables them control of alerts for such things as a client leaving a message in the conversation feed or a client changing profile information.

Contractors will always receive a daily schedule report on days with scheduled events. Third Party calendar integration (Google, Outlook, etc) is also available to Contractors under the "My Schedule" tab.