Garmin Guide

How to Pair a Garmin Tracker and Collar

Before you can pair devices to the handheld device, the handheld device must be close enough to the dog collar device to touch it.

The handheld device can track up to 20 dogs with dog collar devices. If you purchase additional dog collar devices, you can link them to the handheld device.

  1. Select DOG.
  2. Select Add Dog.
  3. Turn off the dog collar device.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

By default, the new dog is named “Dog” and an ID number is randomly assigned. An error message could appear if there is a conflict with the ID number of another dog.

After pairing is complete, you can add the dog collar device to additional handheld devices using the dog collar device track code or control code.

Best Practices for Garmin's Astro 430 and T5 Mini

  1. Turn on your handheld device, and double check the battery level. Change batteries as needed.

    Helpful tip! Keep a pack of AA batteries in your adventure pack or in your car. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to recharge your batteries and finding out when you’re already at the adventure site!
  2. Turn on each device as you put them on your adventure dogs for the day.

    The devices take a moment to pair, and you can keep your hands busy getting your pups situated.

    As you get the collars on, keep an eye out for any damage to the antenna. A damaged or missing antenna will limit the ability for the collar and the handheld device to stay connected.

  3. Check that all of your collars being used that day are connected to the handheld device. 

    Your handheld device will be automatically set to compass/DOG mode, but you can change it to MAP mode. Switch back and forth at any time by pressing the DOG and MAP buttons.

  4. Once your handheld device is connected to all of the collars, make sure that the distance it is reporting is accurate. If your device is telling you that a collar is miles away, then the collar is either off, or it needs a reset.

  5.  Before leaving the car with all of your dogs, check to make sure that they have identification attached to two different pieces of their gear. 

  6. They should have their tags and ID either on their collar or on a harness that stays on, and you should have an ID on a second piece of their gear.

  7. Once your collars and handheld device are properly synced? You’re good to go! Have a great adventure!

After Your Adventure

  1. Make sure you’re charging your collars! A dead collar is a useless collar.

  2. Before charging, make sure to wipe away any sand or water from the charging port to prevent rust and port damage.

Tips And Tricks

  1. If each of your trackers has a different color collar, you can name the trackers in your handheld device by their color, making it easy to see at a quick glance who is with you, and who isn’t. (Where’s Orange?! Has anyone seen Orange?!) Additional color collars can be purchased from Amazon, or you can use a sharpie to mark your different collars. 

  2. Did you know that you can set up a charging station in your car?

    Setting up a charging station in your car lets your collars charge while you drive around, and they can go right back to their charging ports when you’re done with the adventure. This eliminates the steps of taking the devices out of your car, charging them, and remembering to take them with you the next day. If you go this route, all equipment must be impeccably hidden so as to not invite a car break-in.
  3. Did you know your handheld device has two different menus where you can find options to work with your trackers? 

    You can access one menu by pressing MENU while in DOG mode, and you can access the other by pressing MENU while in MAP mode. 
  4. Did you know that you can turn off notifications for your collars?

    Remember that these devices were originally made for hunting dogs… They have notifications that go off telling you what the dogs are doing so that you can hunt more effectively with them. But when they’re just running around on the beach or the woods having the time of their lives? Those notifications are not only incorrect… they’re overwhelming and irritating.

    While in MAP mode, press MENU. Scroll down to and select SETUP DOGS. Scroll down to and select DOG ALERTS. From here, feel free to turn off the “On point alert” and the “treed alert.”

What DANW needs from trainers...

  1. Track and Control codes for each of their devices. (Kim will send a survey separately!)

    We will keep a master sheet, and people can come help track a dog with their separate devices.

    Track codes only connect if the original handheld device is nearby, where control codes can gain full access to the collar. (Control codes are necessary if the original handheld device is dead or broken, or if the additional device is beginning to track from another location.