Independent Contractors independently select the tools they need to fulfill Dog Adventures Northwest expectations. Except for the satellite tracking tools and identification tags, Contractors should use these recommendations only as they are helpful. Contractors should also feel free to share their own recommended products with the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager and other Contractors.

 REQUIRED: Garmin Astro 430 Handheld Tracker and Collars
Handheld Unit and T5 Mini Collar Bundle: $649.99
(Dog Adventures Northwest will purchase and loan additional collars.)

From the manufacturer: Using the Garmin T 5 or T 5 mini collar devices to transmit each dog’s location as often as every 2.5 seconds, Astro 430 is quick to pinpoint the track they’re following — even when they’re on the run. On the Astro’s bright, crisp display, you can see your dog’s current location and a trail of where he’s been. You also can switch over to the Dog Track page to view a compass pointing to your dog’s location. For help in keeping the big picture in sight when tracking multiple dogs, it’s easy to auto zoom the map page, so all dogs can be seen on the display at any time. Dogs that are too far away to fit on the map’s current zoom scale can be notated on the display’s margin in the direction of the dog’s location. To reduce visual clutter on the map, you can toggle between “show all,” “show some” and “show none” — selecting the duration that each dog’s track is viewable on the display. You can also share a dog’s track code so another person can view your dog’s location on their unit’s map, along with the dog tracking compass. Further, by sharing a dog’s control code, you can allow another person to configure and control your dog’s on-collar device.

From Kerry: Every dog on an off-leash adventure with Dog Adventures Northwest must wear a charged tracking collar, without exception. If a trainer fails to use a tracker on an off-leash adventure, their contract will be terminated. Dog Adventures Northwest will happily front the cost for all equipment, and deduct a flexible amount per commission statement, and will also buy back any equipment at a rate of 75% at any time.

REQUIRED: Pet ID Tags and Dog Tag Clips
$3.69/tag; $14.99/8-pack clip

From Kerry: Every dog on an off-leash adventure with Dog Adventures Northwest must wear a primary identification tag (with the client's info) AND an additional ID (with the trainer or the office's info) on a separate piece of equipment, without exception.Sample text: “I’m on a hike! CALL: (503) 307-8087.” There are many different affordable options. Nameplates for the Gamin tracking collars can also be purchased here. (For rivet size, chose Standard 1/4;" these can be put on collars with a hammer.)

REQUIRED: Back-Up AA Batteries
$5-$10/8 battery pack

From Kerry: Every dog trainer must have back-up batteries in their car or on their person for every hike. If the failed to charge for any reason, these batteries will serve as a back-up.

RECOMMENDED: Garmin NiMH Battery Pack

From the manufacturer: This long-lasting rechargeable battery pack is more convenient and easier than choosing two AA batteries. The NiMH battery can be charged by your compatible outdoor handheld device — simply charge your device using an AC adapter or the USB cable on your computer and your battery pack will be back to full charge for extended use. Third party batteries will not recharge inside of the Astro 430.

From Kerry: The Garmin Astro 430 can go through AA batteries quickly. If you purchase the rechargeable battery pack, however, you can recharge the unit with a USB. (Look for the black, rubberized flap under the battery cover for the USB port.)

DANW Supply List
Here is an Amazon list with recommended supplies. While people are encouraged to shop local, Amazon is a great way to research different products and read reviews. This list is open for editing, so you if you have a product you would like to recommend, please add it, as well as a note with your name and why you are making the recommendation.