Meet-and-Greet Trainer Expectations

Meet-and-Greet (Trainer Transfer) Description

Dog Adventures Northwest offers all existing Adventure clients the option to meet with a Contractor who is new to them and their dog’s care. While this service is free for clients, Contractors are paid a flat fee of $25 for each in-person Meet-and-Greet. (Contractors are not paid for check-in phone conversations.)

Meet-and-Greets allow clients and Contractors to:

  • Go over and settle on a schedule for their dog’s services.
  • Discuss home entry via knocking, lock box, door code, key, etc.
  • Show the Contractor the location of necessary supplies (leash, harness, collar, treats, water bowl, etc).
  • Discuss tips and tricks to ensure the best possible care for the dog.
  • Enter one another’s contact information into their cell phones.

Please note that Meet-and-Greets are not training sessions. Contractors should not train the dog or offer their specific training expertise to the client. Clients are welcome to book Private Training sessions with Dog Adventures Northwest if they would like concrete guidance and training for their dog.

Meet-and-Greet (Trainer Transfer) Expectations

  • Follow all General Contractor Expectations.
  • Schedule the Meet-and-Greet, if requested by the client. All Meet-and-Greets for Adventure clients occur at the client's home.
  • Carry high-value treats for classical conditioning.
  • Let the client know what to expect from the Meet-and-Greet, including purpose of the Meet-and-Greet and the 30-minute timeframe.
  • Take notes, either within the client's Time to Pet profile itself, or on paper (to be transferred to the client's Time to Pet profile later).
  • Discuss schedule, home entry, and location of spigot, hose, supplies, and tips and tricks relevant to the particular dog’s care.