General Contractor Expectations

Contractors agree to do the following when delivering the Dog Adventures Northwest Adventure service:

  • Send all schedule cancellations, alterations, and additions to, with the dog’s first and last name in the subject of the email and the specific request in the body of the email. One email per client.
  • Outside of matters that have to do with animal safety or personal safety, allow the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager one month to make significant scheduling changes such as stopping work on a given day for regular and recurring clients, or transferring a client to another trainer.
  • Read and respond to all emails from clients and the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager within 24 hours.
  • In the event of anticipated or actual lateness for any service, alert both the client and the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager.
  • Start all services through the Time to Pet app when services begin and stop all services through the Time to Pet app when services end.
  • Fill out and submit a spell-checked and grammar-checked report card through Time to Pet upon service completion, including a write-up, photos, and answers to prompted questions.
  • For services that involve pick-up, drop-off, and/or a stay in a client’s home:
  • treat a client's home and property with care and respect
  • behave in a professional manner at all times
  • assume that your behavior can be seen, heard, and recorded at any time while in or around a client's home
  • do not allow any persons or dogs other than yourself onto a client's property or in a client's home without explicit permission
  • follow all guidance left by the client in Time to Pet, including home entry and security, and animal feeding, medications, and containment
  • send clients a brief text to tell them that service has started
  • allow the client dog the opportunity to pee and/or poop before containing them in a vehicle or in a home
  • towel-dry the dog's coat and clean the dog's paws before allowing a dog into a home; if a dog is sufficiently muddy, hose them off using the client's spigot and hose
  • For all services that involve traveling with a dog:
  • transport the dog using tethers, grates, crates, and/or dog restraint systems
  • at no point, whether the car is stationary or moving, should car windows be open wide enough to permit any part of a dog’s body to be outside of the vehicle
  • carry a valid driver's license and current car insurance while driving
  • Maintain the Dog Adventures Northwest ratio of four dogs to one human at all times. This includes the Contractor's own dogs, and dogs in their care through other businesses. One of a Contractor's personal dog is exempted from this policy, at the Base Camp property only.
  • Absolutely refrain from positive punishment and negative reinforcement operant conditioning, either through training or management tools.
  • Follow the standard operating procedures in the "Safety and Emergencies" section of the online trainer portal.
  • Notify both the client and the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager if an animal appears sick or injured in any way, or if there has been a notable behavior change.
  • Absolutely refrain from alcohol, drug use, and cigarette smoking while in the presence of clients and client dogs. Be completely sober from drugs and alcohol while in the presence of clients and client dogs.
  • Fill out the "Private Note" field on the client's Time to Pet profile and the "Trainer-to-Trainer Private Note" on each pet's Time to Pet profile with helpful information once you have gotten to know the clients and the dog(s).

Best Practices

Shared by Simone Riley: Don't be afraid to transfer or drop a dog/ client that causes you stress, for whatever reason, regardless of how long you've worked with them. It's just not worth it. If it's just a personal preference thing, and the reason isn't important for safety or future placement, I think it is 100% OKAY to tell only a partial truth to spare the client's feelings (though do document anything relevant in the private trainer-to-trainer note). Sometimes things that bother you are a total nonissue for someone else! Reach out for help on how to navigate the wording to your client, if you need it.

Shared by Simone Riley: Take some videos of your beloved adventure/ regular service dogs greeting you when you pick them up. Watch them when you're having a bad day.