Day Camp

For dogs of all ages.

Day Camp dogs engage in group play and individualized training sessions. All dogs come home happy, exercised, socialized, and with reinforced skills.

Please note that our Day Camp service near Gabriel Park is FULL. Our Day Camp service in Gladstone is accepting dogs, with a transfer spot at the Milwaukie Park and Ride.

Service includes…

  • Full day care for dogs of all ages with a licensed, bonded, and insured rewards-based dog trainer
  • Basic obedience, barrier training, recall, socialization (other dogs, skateboards, neighborhood noises, people, hula hoops, power tools, etc), body handling (nail trims, brushing, ear cleaning, etc), confidence building, park-it, crate training, retrieve, body awareness, focus and engagement, loose-leash walking, proofing current skills, tricks, impulse control, potty training, and house manners
  • Structured group play with a small and specifically selected socialization group
  • Cool-down time with food puzzles and regulated nap times
  • A daily report on your pup's training goals and progress
  • Daily photos of your dog's adventures
  • Meals and/or meds if desired
  • Ridiculous amounts of fun

Day Camp dogs must be...

  • screened and approved by Dog Adventures Northwest through a free 30-Minute Evaluation
  • non-excessive barkers
  • up-to-date on vaccines and parasite-protected
  • content to be confined by crate, tether, exercise pen, or gate with limited barrier frustration or separation anxiety
  • content to share toys and low-value treats with other dogs (high-value treats will be given separately)
  • unable to jump a four-foot chain-link fence
  • dog-social (your pup doesn’t need to be the life of the party, but we do need to know that your dog and the other dogs in our care will feel safe at all times; we unfortunately cannot offer Day Camp for dog-reactive pups)

Note: Day Camp is one of our only services that does not include pick-up and drop-off, due to the nature of the program. Pup parents must drop pups off at Trainer Jess’ (near Gabriel Park) or Trainer Jessica’s (in Gladstone, with free transfer service at the Milwaukie Park and Ride).

Rate: Day Camp is $150 for one dog, with no age restrictions. Send two dogs to Day Camp and the second pup is 50% off. Schedule at least one Day Camp visit per week, and get 10% off ($135/day).

CLICK HERE to book Day Camp!

Dog Adventures Northwest ROCKS! What an amazing service. Our high-energy, 21-month-old, 80 lbs teenage Rhodesian Ridgeback has been with DANW from a young age. She goes on twice weekly adventures with the amazing Cyrus. She has the best time while out in amazing nature settings with a small group of dog buddies. She comes home very happy and exhausted.

They have convenient scheduling, communication, and billing through their online portal. Tons of pics and a pet report after each adventure. Trainers will let you know about estimated pick-up and drop off time - this service is dialed. Super happy with the other trainers we have used as well and it's obvious they all love their job. We have also used DAWN for Day Camps and when we are out of town it's our trusted place for Boarding as well. Great communication with the owner, Kerry. She will work with you to find the best fit for your dog. Can't say enough great things about DANW.

Kerstin and Leeloo

We are so thankful we've found Kerry! Our dog, Mavis, absolutely loves the time she spends at Kerry's house and we appreciate boarding her in a warm, caring home versus a boarding facility. Along with her daily outdoor adventures to the river or running through the forest, Mavis enjoys spending her day playing with her buddies (the resident dogs), lounging on the sofa with human friends and roaming about the house. Mavis is treated with the same care and attention Kerry provides to her own dogs, with plenty of love and attention.

While Mavis is in Kerry's care, we enjoy receiving our daily pictures and updates of our big, sweet girl. As a younger puppy, we also had Kerry do some puppy training sessions to help Mavis master some of her good canine citizen skills. Kerry shared some tips and tricks with us for exercises and training to do at home. Additionally, if she notices anything off about Mavis, she is sure to let us know and always gives us great advice. We're so grateful to have someone committed to the same level of care for our Mavis as we are.

Ashlee and Mavis

Dog Adventures Northwest is amazing and I highly recommend Them! The owner, Kerry, was so kind, professional, and knowledgeable. She paired us with the perfect trainer for our new puppy, based on our needs and situation. Kate, our trainer was incredible and our puppy loves her. He was always so excited to see her and sad to say goodbye. We did a mix of basic training and socialization, including puppy day camp with Hannah (who is amazing as well). My pup learned a lot and had so much fun, but the knowledge I gained is so valuable as I continue to reinforce it at home. Looking forward to future adventures with DANW!

Alyssa and Bogey

Coralyn is an amazing trainer!!

We have a very smart Australian Cattle Dog that needed smarter humans. Coralyn entered into our lives, and suddenly we have a dog that gets complimented on his manners at the park or in a dog-friendly shop. We owe it all to Coralyn and her superhuman training. She helps bridge the gap between us and our animal, and is able to do this in small bites that we can easily incorporate into our day to make training... dare I say... easy.

Coralyn breaks down the training so it is progressive and builds on itself. Through Adventures Northwest she also offers day camp in her home (a dog paradise) which is an excellent opportunity to work on separation anxiety, socialization and one on one training. Our pup had an excellent day and was properly worn out. We have worked with Coralyn at public parks, on walks, and in our home with our elder pups. She's awesome!

If you are looking for a dog that you can bring ANYWHERE it takes work and proper training, and Coralyn can provide exactly that in a gentle way. We highly recommend her and cannot say enough positive things about how she approaches teaching you and your companion!

Nicole and Bodhi
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